C.I.X. Investment Funds

We are  exclusively focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We manage our Clients Money across four cryptocurrency funds.

cryptoInvest X Funds Give Clients A Guaranteed Return On Investment Of 35% To 60% Annually. Our funds are open to investors seeking to invest $10,000 or more. 

If you are interested in learning more about investing in CryptoInvest X Funds, please fill out the form below to be sent additional information.

Q: If your method is so good why are you sharing it?
A:Many People Helped Me To Get To The Point Where I Am Today. So Why I Shouldn’t Give Some Help Back? I Strongly Believe In Karma.
Give And You Will Receive Is One Of My Motto. For Many Years, I Have Dedicated A Lot Of Time Helping Fellow Traders. Teaching And Trading Are Two Of My Passions In Life


Q: How will i make money on day 1 without using my time to study the strategies?
A: You will watch 2 short videos that will explain you how to use the trading sites correctly and you are ready to go.
You will receive our insider signals directly on your phone/laptop/computer and the only thing you need to do is to copy & paste them into your trading account.
Q: Is your forex method a trading robot or a manual trading strategy?
A: It is a manual trading system and you will also get for the forex system an alerting bot. This bot will alert you once you got a very profitable setup on the chart it.
The human mind in combination with my tools will allow you to make consistent profits month after month. I will introduce you to our automatic crypto bot which generates 1-4% per day as well.
Q: Can a new trader learn this system?
A: Absolutely, A BeginnerTrader Can Learn This Trading System. There Is An Advantage Of Being A Beginner Trader,
They Do not Have Bad Habits Or Preconceived Notions That Make Learning Something New Difficult. Anyone Can Learn This.
Q: What is the Win/Loss Ratio?
A:On Average, I Normally Win +/- 80% Of The Time Using The Forex Income System, But This Percentage May Vary From Trader To Trader.
within the Beginning Your Result are going to be Probably a little bit less then Mine, But i’ll Work With You Until you’re Achieving Similar Results.
Q: Can I really make that much money like in the video?
A:If You Follow Our Simple Rules, that you simply Will Make A Minimum Of 1-6 Percent Per Day. and that is Pretty Common On The Markets.
Be smart and don’t hear pay attention to the Haters Who Say you cannot Make Money Trading, If That Was True Then All The Traders On Wall Street Would Be Broke!
Q:What are the payment options?
A:We Accept Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies.
Use Your Credit Card / Banktransfer Or Paypal To Buy Bitcoin.
How to buy bitcoin with your credit card:

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