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Each Senior Trading Mentor at the Institute is available to provide 12 Month Trader Mentoring Programmes with a 4-6 week waiting list. Mentoring Programmes are completed remotely via pre-scheduled telephone/Telegram calls and screen sharing software and exhibit zero conflict of interest. In fact, our incentives are aligned.

You must apply for your Trader Mentoring Programme via the link provided with your full and correct details. You must also include the trading experience you have obtained to date and your current profession / business operation. You do not need to be an experienced trader to apply to our Mentoring Programmes. Our Programmes are extremely popular and we get a lot of applications. We simply need to know this information in order to gauge your level of ability, current professional status and the seriousness of your application at our first point of contact. This helps us serve our students better.

Please Note: There is no guarantee that you will be accepted onto one of Mentoring Programmes. We require dedicated students that are willing to learn and put in the time necessary to succeed in the Financial Markets.


The four Steps of the Programme (success method)


Our C.I.X. Traders/Investors has taken the core elements for successful trading and developed a success method four-step process for the Mentorship Programme. The programme is divided into Mindset,Strategies, Live Trading and Account Growth,

Step 1: Trading Pyschology – Focuses on a student’s personal psychology, helping students explore their psychology more thoroughly. Having the right mindset to follow strategies and money management rules is only part of being a successful trader. As human beings we all have emotions and some days don’t feel so great. Managing ourselves is equally important is achieving trading success. We understand this and have recognised that students will have challenges so we work with you to overcome them. Personality profiling is a crucial part of the Mentorship Programme. Students will complete a questionnaire at the very start of the programme and will work with the mentor to discover strength and weaknesses.

Step 2: Trading Strategies and Software – Requires students to have a thorough understanding of the charts, indicators and strategies. In addition to these basic tenets, students will become proficient in the basics of position sizing and risk management. One of the first lessons of the programme involves understanding processes for each strategy. However, before students accomplish this they must thoroughly understand the concepts in order to make sure that they fit them.

Step 3: Transition from Demo Account to Live Trading – Execution teaches students how to manage your trades. Going from demo trading too quickly can be harmful to your trading account. You will be guided and supported all the way through the process of live trading with real money. Your account and confidence will grow as you act on open trades with certainty. We know that trading is 100% psychological so support at this level from your mentor is crucial for long term success.

Step 4: Account growth and financial freedom  – Consistently making money from trading forever is the goal and at this stage we are trading with confidence and precision. You will be able to make money in any market condition and at any time.You can now trade from anywhere around the world and use trading to provide the financial freedom you desire. Coaching and passing your skills on to others may be something you want to do at this stage and so Trading College will consider you as a future coach, teaching hundreds of our students. Step 4 is all about mastery and financial freedom.

What Makes the Trading College Mentorship So Valuable?

  • Rule based Pro-Trading System Software and scanner
  • Rule based Trend Predictor system so you know whether the market is going to go up or down next week
  • Rule based Momentum Trader software and training so you can trade massive moves in the markets
  • All our Propriety software and scanners
  • How to apply the bias training so you know whether your going to be trading long or short each day or Week
  • Training to achieve your days money (profit) so there’s no need to ever work again
  • Traders learn at their own speed and their own level. We can apply all our strategies on any instrument and any time frame
  • Personal mentoring with a qualified Trading College coach
  • Trading Room access so you can sit alongside us and watch us trade

And so much more…..Plus, you’ll get access to:

  • 12 Months of LIVE trading in the daily trading room
  • Trading psychology lessons
  • Monthly group meeting
  • 12 Month goal setting and planning sessions. Quarterly goal setting and planning sessions. Monthly goal setting and planning sessions
  • Personality profiling report
  • Daily live chat on mobile app
  • Personal learning path, available 24 x 7
  • Money management techniques
  • ISA and SIPP technical analysis trading techniques (if required)
  • Trading Journal

Please Note: There is no guarantee that you will be accepted onto one of Mentoring Programmes. We require dedicated students that are willing to learn and put in the time necessary to succeed in the Financial Markets.

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Frequently asked questions

By joining the Institutes 12 Month Trader Mentoring Programme you will receive 12 Months Access to the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series and 12 Months Access to the Professional CRYPTO/FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series, receive a 12 Month subscription to Institute Data and be Mentored for 12 Months by one of the Institutes Senior Trading Mentors. You will be trading with real money in live markets, implementing the teachings of the Institute and be guided by your Mentor.

The purpose of an Institute Trader Mentoring Programme is simple. By joining the Mentoring Programme you will become an Institute Trader by default. Any person that wants to become an Institute Trader must complete the Institutes Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series and / or the Professional FOREX/CRYPTO Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series at a minimum in order to be eligible. Please see the FAQ documents Institute Online Educational Courses, Becoming an Institute Trader and Institute Trader Benefits – You should also view our Student Progression Chart prior to reading this FAQ document. You will get to know a lot more about how the Institute works and where and how Mentoring Programmes fit in.

The main purpose of the programme is to help you implement what you have learnt in the PTM Video Series and the PFTM Video Series with real money in the financial markets. Once you have passed your PTM Examination you are eligible to become an Institute Trader.

You are then faced with three choices;-

i) Do Not Choose Institute
Don’t Become an Institute Trader
You can implement what you have learnt in the PTM and / or PFTM Video Series with real money elsewhere using any good brokerage platform in the world. We do not mind you doing this. The Institutes educational programmes can be taken by anybody in the world online and each course has an online transactional value. However, if you want to join a highly educated global community of traders and have access to the Institutes community you must become an Institute Trader by opening your trading account with one of the Institutes contracted Brokers so we can see everything you are doing on a read only basis and manage your track record for you.

ii) Choose Institute – Self Implementation
Become an Institute Trader via Self Implementation.
Become an Institute Trader and implement what you have learnt in the PTM and / or PFTM Video Series yourself within the Institute infrastructure. By doing this you will open your trading account with one of the Institutes contracted Brokers that the Institute uses themselves. You fund your trading account yourself and by doing so you will give the Institute “Read Only” access to your account. This means the Institute has no authority to trade your money. All we can do is see your account / portfolio and your P/L becomes part of the overall Institute Community statistics. Therefore our incentives are aligned. We want you to do well and make money because if you lose money you will contribute negatively to our statistics and if you make money you will contribute positively to our statistics.

By becoming an Institute Trader and self-implementing, you will be given two main support resources. Firstly, you will receive back-end Read Only support. If you begin to trade in a non-profitable way or get into bad habits, our traders will contact you and initiate an “intervention.” Do not mistake this with the Institute becoming a “support desk” to your trading. The Institute receives no ongoing payments / commissions from your trading activity therefore we do not provide you with a generalist educational “helpdesk” or “support desk” by which whenever you have a question relating to our education or your trades you can ask us for advice. The Institute simply does not work like that. We will intervene if we see you doing things in your trading account that equate to dangerous activity in order to protect you from yourself and protect overall Institute profitability. This means you can continue to trade in the financial markets with the comfort of knowing that if you do things that you shouldn’t be doing, you have real professional traders behind you (with no conflict of interest) that will initiate an “intervention” if you start to step outside of the realms of sensibility when trading as a beginner Institute Trader. In terms of “support” the Institute will provide you with this intervention support, ongoing platform support and track record management support.

For more information on becoming a self-implementing Institute Trader see the FAQ’s document Institute Trader Benefits.

iii) Choose Institute – Mentoring Implementation
Become an Institute Trader via Mentoring Implementation
The premium choice at the Institute after passing your exam, is to become an Institute Trader and initially be Mentored by one of the Institutes Senior Trading Mentors in the first 3 Months of implementing what you have learnt in the PTM and PFTM Video Series’. You will spend 3 Months being taught on a remote basis by one of the best traders in the world of the last 20 years.

What is the purpose of this? It is to get you off to the best start possible by literally showing you step by step how to implement what you have learnt in the PTM and PFTM Video Series’ with real money in a live trading account. Differing people have differing circumstances and abilities. If you believe after taking the PTM or PFTM Video Series that you can self-implement successfully that is fine. However many people need a helping hand in the early stages of implementation. This can be for numerous reasons however it can simply be a case of time management i.e. having to work in a full time job for 35+ hours per week or even down to ability and confidence. The Institutes Mentoring Programmes are designed to help shortcut you to effective implementation and to give you the ability and confidence to do everything yourself and be self-reliant as a trader. The entire purpose of a Mentoring Programme is so that when you complete your programme you can confidently do everything for yourself and not have to rely on anyone in the financial markets to stay profitable for the rest of your life.

Please Note: If you choose to self-implement for several months then want to pursue a Trader Mentoring Programme, you can easily “Upgrade” to a Three-Month Mentoring Programme. To do so you must send us a message via the Mentoring Application form that corresponds to the Mentor that you would like to coach you via the Institute Website https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/

The Institutes Trading Mentors are Professional Traders that have been selected to join the Institute as Senior Trading Mentors because of their proven Track Records, incredibly successful careers and because their approach to the financial markets overlaps considerably with the Institutes approach and the way we teach our students. Senior Trading Mentors are also chosen because of their ability to communicate complex trading strategies in simple and universally understandable language and their ability to teach both beginner and advanced traders to implement the Institutes educational programmes effectively.

You can read the Resumes / Bio’s of each of our Senior Trading Mentors here; –

Mentors to United States & Canadian citizens; –

Raj Malhotrahttps://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/raj-malhotra/
Ben Berggreenhttps://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/ben-berggreen/

Mentors to Rest of World Citizens; –

Gregoire Dupont https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/gregoire-dupont/
Tristan Edwards https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/tristan-edwards/
Jason Mcdonald https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/jason-mcdonald/
Christopher Cathey https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/christopher-cathey/
Hichem Djouhri https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/hichem-djouhri/

All Mentors and their Information can be found here https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/

Institute Trader Mentoring Programmes are completed over a 3 Month (12 Weeks) schedule on a remote basis. Each week your Mentor will schedule Skype conference calls with you, and set you tasks to complete during the week preceding your next call.

i) High Quality Trade Idea Generation
On each call your Mentor will go through your Trade Ideas with you, discussing the benefits of both Long and Short ideas across multiple asset classes. In the first stage of your programme you will be shown how to effectively generate a continuous stream of high quality Trade Ideas so you learn to become self-reliant. You will be shown simple and effective techniques that apply to all markets at all times in order to generate high quality trade ideas successfully. The self-reliance principle is a principle that continues throughout the programme, so when you finish your programme you do not need to rely on the Mentor themselves or anyone else in the financial markets for trade idea generation and everything else that is necessary to become a successful trader. An effective Mentor / Teacher is one that teaches their student how to do things for themselves, so they can do it forever for themselves.

ii) Portfolio Construction
As your programme continues your Mentor will also show you how to construct effective Long / Short portfolio’s. Portfolio Construction in practice can be very different from theory. This is because there are real time multiple dynamics at play and the financial markets are moving everyday according to short term, medium term and long term news flow and expectations. A winning portfolio is not just a collection of great Long and Short ideas. Even good ideas must be timed well and constructed as part of an overall portfolio that works for the trader, not the other way around. Positive and Negative correlation will also play a major role when constructing portfolios and your Senior Trading Mentor will show you how to balance all of these dynamics when building your Long / Short portfolio so you can do this yourself successfully over the long term.

iii) Risk Management
As you are building your live portfolio you will also be required to manage risk. You will be shown how to effectively manage the risk in your portfolio when there is movement in the market and in the profitability / loss of individual positions, themes and in the overall portfolio. Much discussion will also centre on current and future news, trends and expectations and how to best position and manage risk going forward.

The Professional Trader approach is very much a multi-dimensional / flexible approach and implementing it successfully can take time. No one Trader Mentoring Programme can be exactly the same due to changes in market conditions over time, however all participants of the 3 Month Mentoring Programmes walk away knowing how to constantly provide themselves with high quality trade ideas, construct effective Long / Short portfolios across asset classes and manage the risk of those portfolio’s effectively so they can be a self-reliant trader moving forward and become a valuable asset to the Institute Community.

You will learn how to do all of this with real money in live financial markets on a remote basis with screen sharing over a 3 Month (12 week) period via Skype conference.

You need to set aside / budget for 8-12 hours’ work per week during a 3 month programme. As your programme progresses you will get used to the weekly processes and workflow you need to complete before each call, meaning you will be become more efficient, quicker and smarter at completing them. Your Mentor will guide you throughout the programme in how to get quick answers and shortcuts to get your time management optimised. This is also so you can fit your workflow and trading into your busy weekly work life schedule, so when you complete your programme your newly acquired knowledge and skillsets remain a sustainable wealth generating asset.

You do not need to be located in a particular geography, on a trading desk or in a classroom. The days of trading floors with multiple rows of desks and hundreds of traders commuting into offices into financial centres around the world are long gone. Technological advances now enable people anywhere to access the financial markets and to be taught remotely via VOIP, Webcam and online conference systems such as Skype and also screen sharing software such as TeamViewer. This enables Mentee’s to learn from the Institutes experienced trading Mentors all over the world as if they were sitting right next to them at their trading desks.

A participant on an Institute Mentoring Programme (the Mentee) must be an Institute Trader, meaning that the Institutes Senior Trading Mentors can see their positions / portfolio in real time so they can properly discuss those positions and the portfolio at large. With Skype and TeamViewer software’s available and the Institutes global brokerage reach and infrastructure, a Mentee can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

All participants in a 3 Month Trader Mentoring receive the following resources and coaching;-
– 12 Months Access to PTM Video Series = $2,999 Value
– 12 Months Access to PFTM Video Series = $2,999 Value
– 12 Months Data Access to Institute Data = $1,999 Value
– Institute Trader with Institute Trading Account Access including all benefits
– 3 Months Skype Coaching with chosen Institute Mentor dependent on Geography and Mentor availability.

You have two choices in applying and booking a 3-Month Trader Mentoring Programme. Firstly, you can either purchase either or both the Institutes Online Educational Courses i.e. the PTM Video Series and / or the PFTM Video Series before you book your programme and then “upgrade” to a Mentoring Programme at a later date or …, Secondly, you can apply, book and pay for your Mentoring Programme all upfront and get access to all our Video and Data resources immediately as part of your Program.

i) Complete the PTM and / or PFTM first
You can choose to complete your PTM and / or PFTM Video Series first, pass your exam(s) and then apply for your Trader Mentoring Programme via the Institute website at the following URL https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/ – We will first check our database to see if you have completed the online PTM and / or PFTM Video series and passed your exam. If everything is in order, we will contact you within seven working days to schedule a telephone call. You will be told all of the details of the Trader Mentoring Programme on this call and you will be expected to pay the difference between the cost of Option One or Option Two (PTM & PFTM) and the price of a full 3 Month Trader Mentoring Programme.

ii) Apply, Book and Pay Upfront
Apply for your Mentoring Programme via the Institute website; –

Due to the nature of the waiting list for an Institute Mentoring Programme this is a very popular option as students can secure their Mentoring Programme start date and whilst waiting for your Mentoring Programme to start, you can complete each Video Series.’ You just need to let us know in your application that you want to book your Mentoring Programme in advance and to reserve your place. After paying for your Mentoring Programme in advance, we will then grant you 12 Months Access to both the PTM and PFTM Video Series. To proceed onto the Trader Mentoring Programme, we will expect you to complete the PTM and PFTM online Video Series’ and pass your exams first. Your Mentoring Programme will then begin as soon as you have completed the online course(s) by passing the exams and will be scheduled up front.

The advantage of choosing this approach is guaranteed less waiting time for your Mentoring Programme to start and complete. This option is essentially the Institutes Premium Fast Track Option to consuming all of the Institutes Resources and jumping the queue for a Mentoring Programme.

Please Note the waiting list for Trader Mentoring Programmes is on average 4-6 weeks. If you intend to proceed onto a Trader Mentoring Programme you must book your programme 4-6 weeks in advance. Your programme will be scheduled as 4-6 weeks’ preparation (Video Series’ completion) and 12 weeks One to One Mentoring trading live with real Money.

Yes. Please see the answer to the FAQ How much does an Institute Trader Mentoring Programme Cost? Section ii) Apply, Book and Pay Upfront.

Absolutely not! You must pay for your education yourself and prove to us first that you are committed to your Professional educational development. Then secondly, you must trade within the Institutes infrastructure as an Institute Trader for a minimum of 9-12 months as a profitable and consistent trader, responsibly deploying the processes and strategies that we teach you, with your own capital, prior to becoming eligible for our capital. The Institute is not a drop-in centre for homeless, flaky Retail Traders that want a free ride. We take our education very seriously and we are committed to teaching, sourcing and backing great traders. You must be committed to your own educational development and then prove yourself as a trader first.

Demand for Institute Trader Mentoring Programmes is very high. We perpetually have a 4-6 week waiting list for anyone that wants to undertake a Mentoring Programme and everyone on the Mentoring Programme waiting list pays upfront for their programme. We are sometimes asked by people if we can complete Mentoring Programmes on a “profit share basis” and the answer to this question is simple. No! We do not offer Mentoring Programmes on a profit share basis. This is for two main reasons; –

i) Value of Time
All of the Institutes Senior Trading Mentors are at the highest levels of their profession and their time is valuable. If they are on the phone teaching people it means they are not concentrating on their own Trading Accounts / Portfolios. Profit sharing based Mentoring Programmes do not work with high value traders because the value of their own portfolios is significantly higher than that of the Mentee. Therefore it can end up costing the Mentor money in order to spend time on the phone and time off the phone going through all of the Mentee’s work and teaching them how to implement the Institutes education with real money. We therefore need commitment upfront. If you are offered a profit sharing Mentoring Programme by someone who claims to be a Professional Trader this should raise alarm bells with you for this very reason. It probably means they either do not have their own portfolio or the value of their portfolio is less than yours.

ii) Variables
There are too many variables from the outset of a Trader Mentoring Programme at play. For example, we cannot measure the success of the programme from the outset i.e. we cannot measure with 100% accuracy the future opportunities in the financial markets to make money. Opportunities can be erratic throughout the year. Therefore someone booking a Three Month Trader Mentoring Programme with the Institute may experience less opportunities to make money during their programme than someone else in another time of the year or even another year altogether. This means the value of the Senior Trading Mentors time dedicated to the programme over 3 Months (12 weeks) becomes dependent on financial market conditions. We cannot guarantee opportunities and we cannot guarantee profitability. If you want guaranteed profits you can buy a 10 year US Treasury or stick your money in a long-term bank deposit savings account and make a low “risk free” return. On a Mentoring Programme at the Institute we are trading financial markets assets such as Equities, FOREX, Commodities and Interest Rate products on a leveraged basis and utilise Options strategies in many cases. We take more risk for a potentially higher return, but we cannot guarantee profit or return as this is dependent on opportunities and volatility at the time of a programme. This combined with the expense and the opportunity cost of the Senior Trading Mentors time, means we need an upfront commitment so that we can commit our time and energies to a fully tailored programme.

Additionally, we cannot forecast with accuracy how committed someone is to a Mentoring Programme. A lot of people think they like the idea of a 3 Month Trader Mentoring Programme that involves trading their real money in the financial markets with an experienced trader alongside them, then half way through a programme (even if they are making money) they can decide that the programme is not for them and that the realities of live trading and portfolio management with real money is different from the perception that they had at the outset. That person can then disappear and the Mentor is left having dedicated a lot of time to that person in the programme for nothing. At the Institute we are constantly searching for talented Retail Traders and in this case we do not achieve our goals. The mechanism of an upfront payment is also a hedge against flaky and uncommitted individuals.

An Institute Trader Mentoring Programme requires an upfront fee so that we know the student is 100% committed to the programme from the outset AND so that the Senior Trading Mentor is also 100% committed, because they know from the outset that it is worth giving up their time and earnings potential in their own portfolio’s to dedicate to teaching someone how to best implement the Institutes educational programmes with real money. A Mentoring Programme is a dual (two way) commitment.

For information on 3 Month Mentoring Programmes that include “Vacation Learning” at the beginning of your programme please get in touch via the contact form of the Institute website and we will get back to you within a few days to schedule a call https://www.itpm.com/contact/

These programmes occur throughout the year and involve One to One Mentoring and Institute Remote Trading Desk Mentoring. When you join this type of programme, you not only get One to One Mentoring with one of the Institutes Senior Trading Mentors but you also become part of a remote trading desk made up of several Retail Traders like yourself from around the world. This desk is backed with Institute Capital. Therefore as a participant in these programmes you receive individual track record and team trading desk track record. You can see video samples of these programmes by going to any of the following links;-

Thailand Trading Desk Mentoring Programme

Caribbean Trading Desk Mentoring Programme

South Africa Trading Desk Mentoring Programme

Brazil Trading Desk Mentoring Programme

10. If I purchase a 3 Month Mentoring Programme and I am not happy with it, what is the refund policy of a Trader Mentoring Programme?

Firstly, Traders do not go out into the world to make people happy. They go out into the financial markets to make money. In our case to make money for our students by passing on the valuable life skill of Trading and Portfolio Management to them. As outlined above we do not guarantee profits / performance / returns. If you complete a 3 Month Trader Mentoring Programme, you are paying upfront for the commitment of the Senior Trading Mentor to your Mentoring Programme and their opportunity cost of time. You are also paying for all of the education and infrastructure that the Institute provides you for the fee you pay. The success of a Mentoring Programme can be dependent on many variables as outlined above, however the Senior Trading Mentors time is fixed once you book and pay for your programme. You will go onto the waiting list to start your programme on a fixed date (usually 4-6 weeks) after you have settled the invoice for your programme.

By booking and paying for your programme you have officially blocked out the Mentors diary for the entirety of the programme and therefore by default have made the Senior Trading Mentor commit this time to your Mentoring Programme in their diary. This means they can now not Mentor someone else within the capacity they have. The Mentor and the Institute therefore loses that opportunity if you then decide to cancel your Mentoring Programme before officially starting and / or cancelling your Mentoring Programme when you are only a few weeks into the schedule. Therefore our refund policy below must be strictly enforced. Our refund policy is outlined in more detail below.

3 Month Trader Mentoring Programme – Refund Policy
Once you have booked and paid for your Trader Mentoring Programme, a cancellation or refund request is not eligible for a 100% refund. A maximum 30% refund of the difference between the value of the PTM Video Series + the PFTM Video Series + Institute Data and the price paid for the programme will be provided and this is only if a cancellation / refund request occurs prior to the end of day 21 from when you paid for your programme (eligibility cut off). After 21 days, there is no eligibility for a refund or refund in part under any circumstances. Additionally, if you request a refund within the 21-day eligibility period, then the reason you give for a refund request will be assessed thoroughly and discretion from management may be used to determine whether your reasoning qualifies you for a refund at all.

By booking and paying for your programme you have officially blocked out the Mentors diary for the entirety of the programme and therefore by default have made the Senior Trading Mentor commit this time to your Mentoring Programme in their diary. This means they can now not Mentor someone else within the capacity they have. The Mentor and the Institute therefore loses that opportunity if you then decide to cancel your Mentoring Programme before officially starting and / or cancelling your Mentoring Programme when you are only a few weeks into the schedule. Therefore, our refund policy below must be strictly enforced.

If you are committed to learning how to implement what you have learnt in the PTM Video Series and finding out more about the Institutes 3 Month Trader Mentoring Programmes, then you just need to get in touch with us via the following links at the Institute website.
Mentoring Programme Application Linkhttps://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/
Institute Contact Formhttps://www.itpm.com/contact/